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Hi. My name is Quinn and I have the role of 'Everything' at monklie. I am a data driven game dev that makes games with marketing in mind. Over the years I have released more than 15 games.

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The Project

Drive, battle and explore. Be anyone, do anything.

The Project is inspired by movies such as Ready Player One. There are also similarities to early 2000 web virtual world games. You can take care of pets and design your own house.

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Hyper Casual Games

Monklie has its origins as a Hyper Casual game developer. In the beginning I made arcade style games that require fast reaction. Later the industry moved towards games with satisfying visuals. Naturally I adapted and even pioneered this trend. Using advanced techniques to create fluid like effects.

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B2B Tool

This tool lets you visualize market research in ways like never before.

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Location Based Entertainment

Social connection is an important part of games. But there Is nothing like being together in real life.

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